Getting It


I had a bad week last week.  Not an everything-went-wrong kind of week. My dishwasher still works, my car didn’t break down, and at least 2 out of the 3 kids brushed their teeth.  It was a how-much-more-can-I-handle-emotionally kind of week.  In one day, a good friend told me a harrowing story from her past, another friend filed a police report against a boyfriend, and I witnessed the immediate aftermath of a car accident with my children in the car.  These events happened in chronological order; that’s significant because by the time I saw the accident, I was undone.


We watched as chaos unfolded at the scene of the accident. People scrambled out of their cars to help the accident victim. She frantically carried her baby across the street, while she screamed for someone else who was still in the car.  I assume it was her other child. That was it. My heart broke. It is too much for anyone to see a mother screaming for her child.  I took the next turn, barely able to see through the tears. I pulled into the driveway and leaned my head onto the steering wheel and cried over all the stories that happened that day.


Then, from behind the driver’s seat, my 9-year-old daughter leaned in and asked me if she could pray.  She prayed for the family in the car accident. She prayed because she understood the severity of the situation. She prayed because I could not speak. She got it.


Abby went to Jesus for me. She went to Him with me. In that moment, I knew. She’s not just my daughter. She walks this life alongside of me. I got it.


Something was different when we got inside. Instead of the incessant questioning that usually starts full force as soon as we open the door, they walked upstairs without a sound. I heard them playing together quietly.  They knew what we had just seen had no words to describe the sadness. They didn’t demand or make any requests. They knew I needed time.  They got it.

  • Kelly

    so proud of these little ones. and their momma <3

  • Melanie

    Lovely. Thankful. Amen. Praying for you too. We’re in this life together.

  • Anna N

    Oh Julie, my heart is breaking. This life is so bittersweet, and I’m so proud of Abby. You’re doing something really right, and Jesus is at work in your family. How encouraging and beautiful.

    • Julie Davis

      Thanks, Anna. How’s your little guy?

      • Anna N

        He’s so incredibly sweet. I see why people start trying for a second at around 18 months :) How is your newest addition?