Interview with a 1-Year-Old

So, yesterday my friend Sarah suggested that my first guest post should be by Jonathan, my 1-year-old. I thought that was hilarious in a dismissive sort of way. But then, we kept talking about it and we decided I should interview him and post the conversation. Brilliant. So without further ado, here’s quite possibly the first ever interview with a 1-Year-Old.


Me: So, hello Jonathan. Welcome to onNeutralGround.
Jonathan: Um, hi Mom.
Me: Hi. So, people are dying to know right off the bat: What is your favorite toy?
Jonathan: The dishwasher.


Me: I’m sorry. Did you say the dishwasher?
Jonathan: Yes, you heard me.

Me: So, you have all these neat and interesting toys and even though I know you’re the 4th kid, you actually have some new ones. Yet you still want to play with forks and spoons?
Jonathan: Yes. That is what I’m saying.


Me: Ok. Well, you know what they say: “By the 4th kid, you’ll let the baby have the pacifier out of the trash can.” that how it goes?
Jonathan: I didn’t say anything about dirty pacifiers. Where are you going with this?
Me: Uh, nowhere. Nevermind. Jonathan, what do you like to do in your free time?
Jonathan:Well lately, I’ve really liked driving the kids to school. After I drop them off, I like to check my inbox, I reply to a couple of emails, and then I practice my piano. Then I like to climb on the dishwasher.

checking email

Jonathan Driving

Jonathan on Piano

Me:You seem really advanced for a 1-year-old. You know what they say about the 4th kid…
Jonathan: No, I don’t. What do they say?
Me: Um, nevermind. Jonathan, what do you do when your mom is busy blogging?
Jonathan: See the attached picture.


Me: Oh. Yes. I may need to work on that.
Jonathan: Probably.
Me: Ok, last question. And you can just whisper your answer in my ear. Who’s your favorite person in the family?
Jonathan: Mom, I’m not falling for that little game.
Me: Ok, ok. Well, Jonathan, it’s been nice talking with you.
Jonathan: Mom, I don’t really talk. You know that, right?
Me: Yes, right.

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  • Liz

    The dishwasher is a rotating toy box! Smart little guy, loved it!

  • Julie Davis


  • Susan Ward McGill

    Out of the mouths of babes!