Friday Favorites: Christmas Gift Guide

T.G.I.F. You know what that means. Friday Favorites is here again.



Thanks to Pinterest, lots of unique gift ideas are on my radar this year. Here are my favorites from around the web, in no particular order. Have fun as you “window shop”; think of the people in your life you’re excited to give to this year.

Coffee Shelf

A coffee shelf! I know a particular coffee snob in my family who would love it! : ) This shelf comes from a website called It contains a variety of items handmade by artisans.

States Necklace

I love these states necklaces from an Etsy artist, of course. They’re great to showcase where you’re from or love for where you live.

Night Owl Paper

Night Owl Paper Goods. I’ve loved this company forever. Letter pressed stationery on paper and wood.


I just found out about the Fairejour clothing company.  They scour the planet looking for clothing made by independent, eco and ethically conscious designers for truly one- of-a-kind pieces.

City Prints

Creativity abounds on Etsy. I love these city prints. Buy one for your favorite person in  Chicago or New Orleans or Paris! Multiple city options available.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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