Friday Favorites: Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Happy day after Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with family and/or friends. We celebrated with friends this year and had a great time. I had a deep, tryptophan-induced sleep last night, which means I’m up and ready for Friday Favorites.


This week I’ll be focusing on favorite toys my kids have played with over the years. If you’re out shopping on Black Friday–while I’m sitting on my cozy couch with my second cup of warm, french-press coffee–you can use it as a helpful guide to buy gifts for your little ones.


For Babies and Toddlers:

wooden blocks for babies

A Classic. My kids played with blocks over and over again. Jonathan’s beginning to stack them and knock them down. It’s really basic, but necessary developmentally while being a whole lot of fun. These are from Land of Nod.  Lots of cute stuff, especially their whale-themed crib sheets. I’m a fan.

Melissa and Doug wooden fruit set

This Melissa and Doug toy is great for toddlers. The velcro on the fruit slices holds the pieces together well so that when the child “cuts” the fruit, there’s some resistance. Feels like cutting into real fruit. A must have in your collection of kitchen play toys.

kids baby cardiganThis is Just. Plain. Cute. I don’t need to ruin it by rambling on. Jonathan has one. You can find a variety of these bow tie sets at Etsy (of course).

For Young Children:

melissa and doug sandwich game

Another Melissa and Doug favorite. This sandwich-making game is the perfect game for a family game night. We’ve had many laughs as a family playing this relay game together. I’ve also used it for my kids’ birthday parties for a large group of kids to compete against one another. There’s about 20 different relays you can play, but in the end, it’s mostly about who can make the correct sandwich first. I’m telling you it’s a blast. Your child probably needs to be at least 5 to enjoy.

Fezzy Squishable

Abby saved her money all summer to buy this adorable…umm..animal?! We’re not sure what it is, but we do know it’s C U T E. It’s a Squishable- a line of very cute and squishable stuffed animals. This one is Fezzy. Pretty sure it’s the only stuffed animal with a mustache.


For Older Children:

Electronic Snap Circuits

Aidan played with Electronic Snap Circuits a ton between the ages of 7-9. A great learning toy about the inner workings of electricty. We got it a Fat Brain toys which is a great website for not so run-of-the-mill toys.

rainbow loom bracelets
The only way you don’t know about the Rainbow Loom is if you haven’t seen one kid between the ages of 5-10 this year. These rubber band bracelets are everywhere. Kids love ’em. My daughter has a running list of friends who’ve requested her to make bracelets for them. Which is another great reason to get your kids a loom. She’s not just making them for herself; she’s giving them away.

coloring poster

Okay. This is the only one on the list we haven’t tried out already. I love this Artist Collective Poster Kit from Land of Nod. My 9-year-old still loves to color, but she’s kinda beyond My Little Pony, ya know? Could quite possibly be under the tree this year.

For Daughters:

mother-daughter bracelets

I love these bracelets for a mother and daughter set. Getting a little teary thinking about it. Geez. Might be under the tree this year, too.

Enjoy your shopping and Happy (Black) Friday!

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  • Sarah Pacosa

    You have such excellent taste! Especially in friends. For real, I want all of these!!!

    • Julie Davis

      Oh yes, my taste in friends is MUCH better than my taste in gifts.

  • Rebecca

    I love these toys! EXCEPT THE RUBBER BAND BRACELETS. we have visitors and the run was stopped up. Lots of girls and women with long hair I thought! No. Turns out it was rubber band bracelets. Wait. What?

    • Julie Davis

      You are so funny, Rebecca. I guess boys aren’t into the loom so much or do you want me to get your son one for Christmas? : )

  • Kristi

    Oooooooh have to remember the sandwich game for later…

    • Julie Davis

      so so so fun.