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Taking a break from Christmas-fare today. First of all, I haven’t made the famous Christmas fudge yet. Erg. The week is getting away from me. And secondly, I’d like to start doing a weekly photography feature on Wednesdays. Yes, I know it’s Thursday. Like I said, the week is getting away from me.

So, here’s the scoop and what I hope happens with this blog. On Mondays, I’ll share something that’s been hanging around inside my pea-sized brain and share that with you in writing. Wednesday, I’ll share recent photography shoots or photographic inspiration. You’ll have to be patient with me, though. I’m an amateur. Look for the 10% you do like in the photos and message me privately (and sweetly) about the 90% that needs improvement. Seriously. I am really enjoying being behind a camera; I find myself thinking in pictures a lot (say a prayer for my family). Lastly, on Fridays, I will continue the (month-long) tradition of Friday Favorites. Thanks to an important member of my advisory board (whether they know it or not), aka SweetPea Lifestyle, for these organizational tips.


Okay, so it’s the Wedenesday Photography feature…on Thursday, I know.


See Joel and Kate.

See Joel and Kate be about the most photogenic couple I’ve EVER seen.

They wanted a shot for their Christmas card so I got really creative and took pictures of them in my front yard. That’s what friends are for.



couple Christmas card




Aren’t they cute?





JoelandKate Photo Bomb


Another thing that happens when you take pictures of your friends in your yard is that your silly 7-year-old photo bombs A LOT.  He’s a funny kid.

To see the complete gallery of Joel and Kate, click on the Life in Pictures heading. The rest of the photos are there- in all their glory. Thanks Joel and Kate!

  • Jenny Fowler Davis

    love your photos! Very real.

  • Julie Davis

    Thanks, Jenny!

  • Ashley Berger

    Advisory Board. LOVE it!! Thanks for the shout out! And, yes, Joel + Kate are most photogenic!