Ordinary and Beautiful

So,  I’ve been in a writing rut. I haven’t felt very inspired. I’ve had lots of other things to do like laundry and cooking.

But the good thing about writer’s block is that I never know what will inspire me. It’s lurking behind some mysterious corner and I never know  when I’ll walk down that street.   So yesterday, I drove down “that street”-literally- and  inspiration came in a trio of horses on the side of the road. That makes it sound like they were roaming freely, but they weren’t–although  that would be an even better story, wouldn’t it? They were safely fenced in on their farm but they were close enough  to reach out and touch. And, that’s exactly what we did. Well, not me (Have you read my first post on the blog? I’m scared of horses.).

My little Stephen and my adventurous Abby bolted out the van door in a flash, but suddenly, crept slowly– once they saw just HOW BIG the horses were.  Their conversation was hilarious.

Abby : Stephen, you pet them first.

Stephen: No, you pet them first.

Me (out the window): Don’t put your fingers by their mouths!

Finally, they clasped hands tightly and reached out for the horse’s face together, with me calling from the window, “Gentle, Gentle!”, truly hoping the horse would NOT mistake their little fingers for baby carrots. Their bravery (and mine) impressed me.  I smiled, because in a short 3 minute span, there was a lot of life to relish. Nothing spectacular, just ordinary and beautiful moments.

I laughed, too–who just sees horses on the side of the road, close enough to pet?  Apparently everyone in Asheville. And I’m okay with that.

I’ve been participating in the #fiftytwopages project created by BeautifullyEsotericLife.  Each week, you create a collage with your smart phone pics and post  it to #fiftytwopages on Instagram and/or Twitter. At the end of the year, you’ll have a photo collage for every week of the year that you can print into a book for the year (the grandparents are going to be so happy).  We’re 6 weeks in and I’m loving it. The simple snapshots of life happening around me is making my heart smile.

So, here’s our week 6 collage, including the pic of Stephen petting the horses! It’s nothing spectacular- just  ordinary and beautiful.


#fiftytwopages 6

Clockwise starting with Stephen and the Horse:

1. Pretty much summed this one up already.

2. Abby  L O V E S selfies. I find multiple Abby selfies and videos on my iphone weekly.

3. Stephen getting cozy in our bed on Saturday morning. Nowhere to be. It’s a good feeling.

4. Stephen and Duane creating a water tornado.  This pictures is extra special because friends of ours gave this box of science experiments to the boys. I love it when other people care for our kids. Thanks, (you know who)!

5. A highlight of the week- Trinity’s staff brunch hosted by moi. There was so much good food. I made Nutella rolls with a coffee glaze for the first time. There are no words worthy enough to describe their deliciousness (is that a real word?!). Anyway, find the recipe here.

There it is. Our non-spectacular, ordinary, beautiful moments. The End.

What ordinary and beautiful moments did you have this week? Tell me about ’em.

  • Heather Christo

    Thank you for the nutella roll love!! I am so happy that you enjoyed them :)

  • Julie Davis

    Thank YOU for the recipe. I make homemade cinnamon rolls all the time, but never thought of using Nutella for the filling. GREAT idea.