Photo Feature Wednesday: Cold Mountain

Photo Feature graphic, PicMonkey

Just like everywhere else on the East Coast, it’s been cold and snowy this winter.

Perfect time to grab the camera to practice getting a proper exposure of snow. Cameras don’t really like snow. Think of your eyes when you walk into a bright room or look up at the sun. You can’t keep your eyes wide open; you squint. Cameras do the same thing in snow. That’s why a lot of pictures that you see of snow have a kind of gray cast to them. You have to tweak the settings on your camera a bit to let it know: Hey, don’t shut down; I need you to let some more light in. I had the most success capturing the pure white of the snow (on a sunny day) with an exposure compensation of +1. Anyway, blah..blah..blah. You just want to see the pics, I know.


Hope you’re digging out of the snow where you are. It’ll be close to 60ยบ here all week. Ahhhhh……

  • Sarah Pacosa

    I love the one with the red barn and the one with the sled! Beautiful!!

  • Julie Davis

    Thanks, Sarah! You’re such a good advisory board member. : )

  • Kristi

    Love the graphic! And the photos but I know you were working on the graphic=)

    • Julie Davis

      Thanks, K.