Friday Favorites: March 14

Friday Favorites, weekly roundup

Friday, thank you for showing up today. Especially since it was a blustery 30º yesterday, but you’re topping out at a sunny 60º. Friday, you are so much better than Thursdays.


Here’s the weekly round up of favorites.

Friday Favorites March 14

A. Easy Lunchboxes: I can’t tell you how much I love these–let me count the ways.

#1 I got rid of my dependence on pesky Ziploc bags for packing lunch.

#2 The kids think they’re fun and the 3-compartment Bento- style makes packing lunch easier for them to do.

#3 They fit right inside of a standard insulated lunch bag.

#4 They’re just plain cute.

B. The coffee shelf: We first fell in love with this idea when we saw it on Scoutmob.   But, we’ve decided to build it ourselves. This should be interesting since we are not even close to anything DIY. Got our pallet board today and it’s about to get crazy!

C. My favorite instagram: This girl. She’s becoming quite the guitarist. And, she growing up WAY TOO FAST.

D.  Extravagant Grace: I cannot say enough about this book. It’s a game changer. It’s the author’s reflection on John Newton’s letters. One of my favorite passages: “Joy will never come by denying our deep sinfulness; rather it must come by seeing how huge our sin really is and how completely it has been dealt with in Christ.” Yes!

E. What I’m listening to :  Gospel Whiskey Runners. What Duane and I like to call indie folk. Listen to Hold On here.

Happy Friday.



  • Kristi

    Where’d you get the lunch box things? I’ve been meaning to get some! so tired of a million little ones that are ALWAYS dirty when I need them.

  • Julie Davis