Friday Favorites: Good Friday edition

Friday Favorites

Good morning.

It’s Good Friday, the day we mourn the crucifixion of Jesus.

It’s also Stephen’s 8th birthday (why do they keep getting older?). A few days ago, Stephen said to me: “Mom, I wish my birthday was on Easter, because that’s when Jesus rose from the dead. ” Yes!

A couple of days later, he told me that his stuffed animal, PJ, was the preacher on the ship that all the other stuffed animals ride on. I love this kid’s mind, but even more, I love what the Sprit is doing in his heart.

Easter is my absolute favorite day of the year. Not because of floral prints, or white sandals with painted toenails, or even chocolate bunnies (well, maybe if they’re Godiva). ¬†Easter is the most joyful celebration of Jesus we have this side of heaven. I wake the kids up every Easter morning by exclaiming: Christ is Risen! And they respond in their sleepy voices: He is risen indeed! Then, I can hardly wait for the worship service, when it seems like our voices raise even higher and we could sing forever. I’m pretty sure I could sing “Up from the Grave He Arose” twenty times and not be bored.

ThriveMoms tweeted this week, asking what songs prepare you most for Good Friday and Easter. One song that I love is Keith and Kristin Getty’s See What a Morning. But, here’s a song that you may not sing in church by All Sons and Daughters called Buried in the Grave.

There was a day we held our breath
And felt the sting of bitter death
When all our hopes were buried in the grave
Our eyes awake our hearts were torn
Between our faith and what we knew
Before our king was buried in the grave

There was a day we looked for proof
That you had risen from the tomb
And all our doubts began to roll away
We touched the scars upon your hands
You kept your word
Oh son of man
You buried death by taking on the grave.

Just beautiful.

I hope you have time to slow down and reflect this weekend on the work Jesus did on our behalf. I’ll be wrapping presents, baking a cake, stuffing eggs, but with Joy in my heart because Christ is Risen. He is risen, indeed.

I’ll leave you with a couple of lines from another divine songwriter of sorts, John Donne.
He’s a bit older than All Sons and Daughters. : )

From Resurrection, imperfect.

“Sleep sleep old Sun, thou canst have repast
As yet, the wound thou took’st on Friday last;
Sleepe then, and rest; The world may bear thy stay,
A better Sun rose before thee today.”

*Friday favorites graphic inspired by the PicMonkey blog: Graphic Design for Weddings

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