Friday Favorites: April 25

friday, pic monkey

Cutting to the chase today. Company coming to town. {See, I’m not even writing in complete sentences.}

Favorite Instagram:

spring, sunset, backlight

I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with backlighting this week at dusk. The sun gives off such a beautiful glow in the evening. This photo was my most popular one on Instagram ever (which probably isn’t saying much, but hey…). Check out my Instagram sidebar to see my other #sunset photos. I think this just might turn into a recurring project.

Favorite App:


Ok, it might be a little soon to call this a “favorite” since I just downloaded it this week, but it’s a well-educated guess. Each week, Checkout 51 posts a list of offers in your area. When you buy the items on the list, you earn a rebate. For instance, if you buy a gallon of milk, you get a 50 cent rebate in your account. All you have to do is upload your receipt. When your account reaches $20, they send you a check in the mail. Yes! Some of the items on the list are things I usually purchase anyway, so I’m basically getting paid to shop. Check out Checkout 51 here.

Song I’ve been listening to all week (every day, more than once a day):

Kills me every time. So good.

Happy Friday! Any favorites from your week you’d like to report? Tell me about ’em.

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