Summer with Trader Joe’s is Here.

Summer is in full effect, and that means so are the kids. Which is G R E A T (mostly). It just means I have to put on my conflict manager hat super tight and pray A LOT.

I consider myself to be pretty self- aware, which means: “Self, with kids running around all summer, you will not have time to write anything substantial or profound.”

But, that’s okay. Because a great idea popped into my pea-sized brain.

Back story: A few months ago, I created a sandwich out of ingredients (mostly from Trader Joe’s) I had in my fridge, which I almost never do. I’m a good recipe-follower, not so much a recipe-creator. But THIS came out SO good. I served it to my husband and he loved it, and then to a friend of mine, and she also loved it. Score!

That’s when it came to me–rare brilliance in the form of a summer blog series featuring recipes from everyone’s first love in grocery stores, Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe's, summer

I shared this idea with a blogger-friend of mine, Ashely at, and she wanted to be part of it. Then we asked more blogging friends to join. They said yes.

I’m happy to report that Summer with Trader Joe’s will be featured across 5 different blogs. Wahoo.

Here is a list of the participating blogs:

Moi: / Instagram / Twitter / FB
Ashley: / Instagram / Twitter / FB
Lizanne: Instagram /Twitter / FB
Kristi: / Instagram / Twitter / FB
Susanna: / Instagram / Twitter / FB

We decided to host a link up each week, beginning Tuesday, July 1st, to display recipes that use at least 2 Trader Joe’s ingredients or items. Our team of bloggers will post a featured recipe each week from the following categories:

Week #1 Sandwich
Week #2 Salad
Week #3 Cocktail
Week #4 Mexican
Week #5 Indian
Week #6 Best Party Snacks

Then, you can link up your recipe (using at least 2 TJs ingredients or items), too, and it will appear on all of our blogs. The following week we’ll feature the recipe that got the most views.

Link Up Rules:

1. Please display the following Link Up button somewhere in your post.

summer with trader joe's

2. Your recipe must use at least 2 Trader Joe’s ingredients or items.

3. Your recipe must fit with the featured category.

4. Please comment on at least 2 other recipes. That’s what a Link Up is for!

5. If you link up a photo (and we hope you will), we have the right to use it if it’s the following week’s featured recipe.

Please check back on Tuesday, July 1st for the first Summer with Trader Joe’s Link Up.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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