Summer with Trader Joe’s Link Up #2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Summer with Trader Joe’s Link Up.

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Last week was Sandwich Week.  This week, bring on the salads.


salad, kids

I love salad; my kids, not so much. I have hope that one day their palates will mature enough to enjoy heaping portions of kale and romaine, but for now, I wait.


In the meantime, I have a fun way to to do salad with them that they actually like. Originally, I got the idea from the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chopped Salad.

For a kid-twist on the theme, I put out all of the salad fixin’s in small bowls and let their little hands choose what they want in their  salad.

 salad, kids

Then, we place two pieces of romaine on top of each other on the cutting board. Next, we take turns piling each child’s hand-picked ingredients, one by one, on top of the lettuce. Finally, we pour their dressing of choice on top and start chopping. (Because, apparently, chopping up vegetables into smithereens makes them taste better.)


salad, kids

Once the salad is chopped up into little bits, it looks like this:


kids, salad


And voila, each child has their own personal salad (that they’ll actually eat).


kids, salad

Stephen’s plate at dinner



Ingredient Suggestions:

TJ’s Chick Peas

TJ’s Black Beans

Red Onion



Sugar Snap Peas



We can’t wait to see your Summer with Trader Joe’s salad recipes.  Link up with our team of bloggers below!


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