Friday Favorites: November 7

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Today marks the end of a crazy, busy week.

It started with Halloween last Friday, followed by 3 inches of snow on Saturday morning. We  scrambled  to find everyone’s snow suits, mittens, hats, etc. for what seemed like hours.

Four kids in snowsuits–I needed a nap before they even got outside.



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After sledding, snow angels, and a middle school skate party (out-of-body experience), Duane and I headed downtown with some good friends to see the Avett Brothers. #bucketlist

I hadn’t been to an arena concert in probably 15 years. I prefer more intimate settings for live shows, BUT they sang my favorite song so I forgave them. It was a really good show.  


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Then, just a few days later, Duane and I found ourselves at yet another live concert downtown. My only question is: How did I get away with seeing 2 concerts in one week? Crazy.

So we had a couple of late nights, but it was totally worth it.


Other notable online favorites from the week:

A Snob by Any Other Name“Our hope is not found in the passing of tests but in the forgiveness of failure (and snobbery and hypocrisy and relentless testing of our loved ones…), the fact that, by the sheer grace of God, the test-to-end-all-tests has already been taken.”

18 Excellent Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys: A great list (with Christmas right around the corner and all…)


What were your favorites from this week? I’d love to know what you’re reading, eating, listening to…


Happy Friday (from our crazy crew).

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  • Lisa

    Avett Brothers would definitely make it on my list of favorites! I’d love to go see them one day.