Hospitality Stories Part II


It’s a bittersweet day. Today is the final post for my hospitality series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found something useful along the way.

But, I’m excited to share another hospitality story  to end the series by one of my favorite people on the planet.

Marcella is a friend of mine from our seminary days. I met her  in the last couple of years that we were in Philadelphia, through a book club, and as soon as I met her, I wished I had met her sooner.

We also ended up in a supper club together, which was one of the highlights of my adult life, really. I have never laughed harder and felt so comfortable with a group of people.

Marcella was always throwing big parties and loved having people around. She’s an amazing cook, but even more, she has a sweet spirit that’s contagious. (Just look at that face!)

Marcella and her little boy, James

Marcella and her little boy, James

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  • Lisa

    What a great story. It’s so true that our kids tend to notice things that we miss, often simply because we are rushed and distracted by our schedules and thoughts. I love the reminder that God is the one who puts food on the table and plans the guests. Great perspective!

    • marcella

      Thanks Lisa! I’m often reminded of how Jesus said we must become like little children to receive the Kingdom — these little ones are so precious.