Who Are Those Kids Parents?

This week was Spring Break at my house. Despite the stomach-bug-that-won’t-die-in-Asheville that struck two of my children, it’s been rather pleasant. Catching a glimpse of my boys through the garage window sunbathing, shirtless, on top of our minivan wins the award for the standout moment of the week. Who needs Disney World when you can sunbathe on top of a car?

I did what any mom would do as soon as I saw them. I giggled, then I whipped my phone out of my back pocket and captured the moment on Instagram.


Spring Break: Davis style. #whoarethosekidsparents

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My first thought was: That’s hilarious. My second thought was: Someone’s going to drive by and wonder, “Who are those kids parents?

I take ALL the blame.

Duane, shall I say, does not like when they climb on top of the minivan. So, I should have told them to get down, BUT he wasn’t home. And, it was just too darn cute.

When Duane got home, I promptly showed him the photo and remarked: “Aren’t you glad you weren’t home?!”

Duane: {Silence, followed by a  friendly smirk and half an eye roll}

The next morning, I had a Jen Hatmaker moment–which means something really funny happened in my mind, and I took it and ran with it.  I decided to start an Instagram account (of course) named @whoarethosekidsparents with the intent of featuring the silly, cute, and/or zany photos parents take of their children. It’s a little like an ode to childhood.



If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to see your wacky, silly, cute, zany, children on Instagram. Simply tag your photos with #whoarethosekidsparents for a chance to be featured! I can’t wait.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

If you want to find me, I’ll be basking in the sun. Not in the Caribbean, however…on top of the minivan.


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