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Photo Feature Wednesday: NC State Fair

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


I have a love/hate relationship with state fairs.

On the one hand, there is so much color, light, people-watching–it’s an (amateur) photographer’s dream come true. It’s honestly one of my favorite places to take pictures.

On the flip side, the waiting, the whining, the wading through crowds…not on the top of my list for state fair experiences.

This year, as a Welcome to Raleigh boost for our kids, we decided to take them to the NC State Fair. (I’m still debating the merits of this decision.) There were some HIGHS and some definite LOWS, but in the end, I got some really GOOD pictures, which is why I go. (Though I have to admit, soaring down the SuperSlide with Jonathan in a potato sack was well worth it.)

Enjoy the photos. You only get to see the good ones, not the waiting or whining or wading (though that would be an interesting documentary project–maybe next year!). It’s the Internet, for goodness sakes, we only report the happy stuff.



Notice 13-year-old on the left. How do you know he’s 13? The cool sideways cap.










fall, apple, candy-apple


IMG_2505 IMG_2506




Who are the crazy people that ride this thing?

Who are the crazy people that ride this thing?



Look, even dad came to the fair!

Look, even dad came to the fair!

state-fair, north-caroline, ferris-wheel


carnival, fair,


IMG_2569 - Version 3


IMG_2569 - Version 2


And, last but not L E A S T, my very favorite picture from the state fair wasn’t even taken by┬áme; it’s a rogue shot by Aidan:


geico, lizard

What a clown… I mean, gecko?!


Which one is your favorite?

So long, NC State Fair. Thanks for the memories. I would say Until Next Year, but I don’t think there will be a Next Year. We need to recover. : )