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Hello! I’m Julie Davis. Welcome to onNeutralGround.


(Me + Sir Will getting cozy)

Hmmm….what to admit publicly? Well, I’m from New Orleans, LA.  I love that city. It gave me my laugh and love for celebration. I love music and I’m always moving when it’s on.  I have a print in my kitchen that says: We dance in this kitchen. Yes, we.

We are a family of 6.  I am married to Duane, who is usually bearded, always brewing the perfect pour over, and forever the most perfect man for me. We have 4 wonderful kids who make our hearts swell with joy AND cause us to question the limits of our (in)sanity. We’re living a new adventure together in Raleigh, NC.

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Did I mention that the bearded man who loves coffee is also a pastor? Which would make me a pastor’s wife. (Usually a conversation stopper.) I assure you, however, that I will not make moral judgements about your behavior. I will, however, tell you that Jesus is more full of grace, mercy, beauty, and celebration than you probably realize.



About the Blog


First, the name. A neutral ground in New Orleans is a long strip of grass between two opposing lanes of traffic.  It’s usually called a median in most places, but New Orleans likes to be different. The street car (think trolley) tracks run down the middle of the neutral ground and it’s often where people stand to watch Mardi Gras parades. I like the name because it links me back to my hometown, but also because the neutral ground is a place of activity in between two opposites. That’s where the tagline comes in: Standing in the middle of hope and heartache. 

In the past, I’ve been inspired to write more from heartache than happiness. Even so, there’s been a hopefulness in my writing even in sorrow. There’s also a lot in between: sarcasm, occasional snarkiness, spiritual reflection, and joy.

I want to tell stories from the everyday that reflect sometimes hope and sometimes heartache, because things aren’t always happy. Yet, there’s a Greater Story being written, even behind the pain.

I will also include photographs of life along the way. Check out my photo gallery under the Life in Pictures tab.

I hope you enjoy reading/seeing/listening.  Grab a cup of coffee and thanks for visiting onNeutralGround.